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Replaceable Battery

The design revision for Talisman V2 includes the ability to replace the rechargeable battery without the need to solder. The Talisman V2 uses a plug in connector between the battery and the main circuit board.


This will allow the installation of a replacement battery without the need to solder the two battery wires.  The actual ability to replace the battery will depend on the case encapsulation used and choosen by the various artists.

In theory it should be possible to cut and peel away any silicon rubber case from Sugru. The actual reality of being able to remove whatever case is used is questionable. However assuming the artist’s case can be removed, the use of a connector removes the earlier requirement for soldering the battery.

The images show the battery with the plug on the end of the battery wires, and the white socket that is soldered onto the main electronic circuit board.



Power Testing

The components for the power management were added and tested successfully.

The reverse protection allows the user to apply charging power to the two screws in the wrong orientation without any damage.


The battery charger IC charges the onboard Li-Po battery when power is applied to the two nuts. The charge current was measured at 45mA which could be reduced very easily by using a smaller configuration resistor.

The voltage regulator was tested and ensures a consistent 3.3 volt is supplied to the circuitry.