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Portal (early beta) released

An initial release of the portal has been made to http://www.insightdialog.org

This shows the navigation with the stack of panels on the left hand side.


The site is running on a staging server and not a production server. The domain http://www.insightdialog.org is used to stage releases as features are added.

As a staging server it should be expected that any data entered could be lost at any time due to a new release being staged. A staging server could also be expected to be unavailable during the development process.

Currently two user accounts have been created. The first is an end user called Joe Bloggs who can login with username joeb and password pwd – in a production release secure passwords would be used.

The second user has the login username of kramer and the password of pwd and is permissioned as a member of the staff group who will be able to undertake other functions such as managing resources / audio etc.  In this release the only feature completed is the left hand stack layout navigation. It can be observed that different features in the left stack layout are available depending on the type of user that is logged in.

The flag icon in the toolbar can be clicked and the locale (country and language) can be changed. This results in the translated content appearing. All translation uses Googles machine translation, and 40 languages are available, although Perhaps only French was actually translated in this release.

The slow initial login will drastically speed up. The messages showing the resources, translations will not appear when the portal is released to production.

The slow redraw of the stack will also disappear in future release and will be quicker when sections are chosen.

This release is to show the navigation style, and to start the ongoing staging of releases as development continues. Significant internal geekery was completed to get the first page up. Additional features and pages will now be released.