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Sugru and Conformal Coating Samples

The Talisman V2 is shifting the choice of the encapsulation or packaging of the internal electronics to other artistic people. it is suggested that one potential possible packaging could be the use of the end user mouldable Sugru.

A sample 3 pack of safe, family friendly Sugru has been ordered. The white color was choosen to allow the light from the colored LEDs on the electronics to shine through the hardened rubbery Sugru.

To ensure the waterproof seal and to avoid any shear stress ripping the electronics off the circuit board, a thin layer of clear soft rubbery “conformal coating” will be sprayed over the completed circuit board.

Coating the electronics in a paper thin layer of conformal coating will allow the encapsulated unit to receive thermal heating and cooling expansion and contraction movement, along with physical knock stress. The layer of rubbery conformal coating allows the components to squidge against the rubber layer.

Conformal coating is an expensive specialists coating, available in small quantities by 3M (via RS Components) as an aerosol spray dispenser can.

PCB Arrived

The Printed Circuit Boards for the prototypes of the Talisman version 1 arrived. The quality of the manufacture looks good and there are no obvious errors.


The next step is to populate the components onto the board and then begin the firmware programming.

It also looks like the resin master form and silicon mold that was prepared using a DIY printed PCB was the wrong size and scaled down a bit!

This means that it will be necessary to redo the casting and shaping of a master form using the received PCB. The received PCB are the correct size, and one will be used to create a cast of resin to be sculptured again.